俱乐部的核心团队Management Team

姓名Full Name:
 Virginia Chai ZHENG (Vee)
打球位置Position: 得分后卫 / 小前锋 Shooting Guard / Small Forward
身高Height: 166公分 166cm
比赛服号码Jersey No.: 14 (灌篮高手中三井寿的粉丝 Fan of Mitsui in the Japanese anime SLAM DUNK)
球队Team: 精灵队和水果队 Elves and Say Go
篮球座右铭Basketball Motto: Play as if it's your last game, train as if it's your last training.

爱上了篮球。作为一个第三文化小孩的她曾在新加坡、中国和英国生活过。她相信因为篮球,她在每一次换学校时都能很快并且很自然地结识新朋友。高中毕业后,因为没有找到和女生打球的平台她在2004年的夏天创办了MELODY. 在大学毕业以后Vee在服装和房地产咨询行业工作了几年,之后她选择了去英国拉夫堡大学读研,专攻体育管理。目前Vee在上海的一家实习中介Next Step Connections担任运营总监一职。除了平时在球场作为球员打球,Vee也负责俱乐部的正常运作、市场和策略计划。在她的业余时间(除了在MELODY打球和管理),Vee经常去旅游,探索上海和在上海人民广场土司马斯演讲俱乐部提高她的沟通和领导能力技巧。Vee精通中英文,并且正在学习法语。

Virginia first touched a basketball when she was eight years old in Singapore when her brothers played this team sport in a public outdoor court. Since then she has fallen in love with basketball with influence from the Japanese anime SLAM DUNK and the western education she received in international schools in Shanghai, Qingdao and Xiamen to encourage students to participate in extra-curricular activities after school which includes joining sports teams. Having grown up as a third culture kid, Virginia has lived in Singapore, China, and the UK. She believes that playing basketball helped her to make new friends every time she moves to a new school. She started MELODY in the summer of 2004 when she could not find a platform to play basketball with other female ballers after graduating from high school. Upon college graduation, Virginia worked in fashion and real estate consultancy before pursuing a postgraduate degree in Sport Management in Loughborough University in the UK. She currently works as the Director of Operations in an internship agency in Shanghai called Next Step Connections. In addition to being a player on court, Virginia also manages the club's operations, marketing and strategic planning. During her leisure time (other than playing and managing the club), Virginia spends her time traveling, checking out new things in town, and improving her communication and leadership skills at the Shanghai People Square Toastmasters Club.
 She is fluent in English, Mandarin, and intermediate in French.

Full Name: Jojo WANG Shi Yin (土根)
打球位置Position: 控球、得分后卫 / 小前锋 Point, Shooting Guard / Small Forward
身高Height: 172公分 172cm
比赛服号码Jersey No.: 0 (早年喜欢很多球星包括艾弗森、邓肯、乔丹等,最佩服的还是阿里纳斯 Fan of many NBA basketball players, but favorite player is Gilbert Arenas)
球队Team: 精灵队Elves
篮球座右铭Basketball Motto: 享受篮球和团队合作,相信一切皆有可能。Enjoy playing basketball and the team work, believe impossible is nothing.


Jojo was selected to be part of the Shanghai Huangpu District Youth Team because of her outstanding height at age six. Although at that time she had many other sports to choose from, she preferred the team sport: basketball. Throughout her years (over twenty years) of playing basketball, she overcame several difficulties; such as severe knee injuries, pressure from school due to the heavy academic workload, and occupied with her professional work. Despite these reasons which could have stopped most female ballers from continuing to participate in basketball, Jojo is still with basketball and enjoy playing with her lovely teammates in MELODY Elves Team. She has been supporting the management of the club since she joined MELODY in the summer of 2009. She feels lucky that she has been persistent with this team sport. Now Jojo is working as the team leader of Year 10 students UK study tour in Yew Wah School in Shanghai (Changning). Although Jojo is not based in Shanghai year round (on business travels a lot!), she still takes all given opportunities to work with the team or participate in the trainings and activities organized by MELODY and her team. Jojo wishes to share her joy with all the other female ballers who would like to take part in this team sport.

姓名Full Name: Vin 黄文静
打球位置Position: 大前锋 Power Forward 
身高Height: 171公分 171cm 
比赛服号码Jersey No.: 47(没有特别喜欢的数字,就拿生日拼凑了一个,沿用至今) 
球队Team: 精灵队Elves 
篮球座右铭Basketball Motto: 无姐妹,不篮球 


She first got in touch with basketball in sixth grade when she saw boys playing at the basketball court in school. Since then she has never stopped playing, because it’s impossible to stop! But since graduation from college she went through a year without a platform to play. She missed it so much so she searched online and found MELODY. Who would have expected that after joining MELODY, not only she restarted playing basketball again; she has learnt more professional basketball knowledge and improved her skills as a player. And most importantly, MELODY has provided her a second home where she felt a strong sense of belonging with the “sisters” she met here. Being with MELODY for over ten years now, other than having the opportunity to play basketball; she has met a group of good friends, took part in organizing her first major sport event, and created several memorable moments in her life. Vin works as the Marketing Manager in a medical equipment manufacturing company, and has been supporting the club’s management in the marketing side and the operational side for the Elves team. Other than participating in basketball activities during her free time, she also practices boxing and is part of Shanghai PRINCESS Women’s Boxing Club. MELODY has greatly influenced her way of life as she feels that being able to be in a group with friends who share the same interest is something that she cherishes and appreciates. She wishes to be part of MELODY’s growth along with everyone’s support and provide more opportunities for women to enjoy this team sport.